In a cryptic message shared on social media, Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui has said that many Mt Kenya politicians are going to defect from UDA in the next few weeks.

To our brothers in the Mt Kenya region, the next few weeks will surprise many. After many years of bravado and chest thumbing, the ship is experiencing serious turbulence.

Politics being a game of interest and personal survival, mass exodus by political actors to align with these beacons is expected. For politicians, you are on your own, the herd mentality is a false comfort that will evaporate way before the election day.Writes Lee Kinyanjui.

In the same post, the Nakuru governor has said that Azimio La Umoja is gradually taking over. According to him, UDA blowed their trumpets too early.

The yellow undercoat is gradually being replaced with the final coat of blue and red. This is not by default but by design.  If you expose your final coat too early, it will be soiled before the D day. Says the Nakuru Legislator.

In the recent time UDA seems to be losing ground in favour of Azimio la Umoja. This has forced the party to reorganize its campaign strategies.


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