So, you have just graduated with a diploma or degree in education? That’s great. Congratulations. But there is one more thing before you can start teaching in Kenya and that is TSC number application.

TSC number is a requirement for anyone looking forward to having a successful career as primary or secondary school teacher in Kenya.

Ready to apply for your TSC number? In this article we will take you on a step by step guide on how to apply for your TSC number. Sounds good? Let’s go!

TSC number application step by step guide

To apply for your TSC number. Kindly follow this procedure.


The first step of applying for your TSC number online is visiting the online application. In the page. Key n your ID or passport number and click next.

Provide the required personal information

In the second step of TSC number application, you have to enter the required personal information. The information required is: ID number, surname, phone number, Email, KRA pin, teaching category, confirmation if you are a trained teacher, select your mean grade, year of sitting and click next.

Verify OTP

A one-time pin will be send to the email address provided. Input the pin sent to the email and press verify OTP.

Provide basic application details

Kindly key in all the basic details about yourself in the page.

Upload academic documents

Upload all the required academic documents and the required information about the institutions.

Upload copies of other documents

In this step you will be required to upload copies of other documents such as GP69 form, passport photo, certificate of good conduct, transcripts in one PDF, affidavit if names differ, KRA pin and ID/passport .

  • Provide grades of the main subjects and the number of hours trained in each subject.
  • Fill in your payment details
  • Click on save and summarize button to view you application.

Your TSC number application will be finalize within 30 days from the date your application. The registration certificate will be sent to the address you provided.

TSC number application requirements

The following are the requirements you need to meet while applying for TSC.

  1. Be a trained teacher.
  2. Submit all the required information.
  3. Upload all the required documents.
  4. Gp69 form.

That all on Teachers Service Commission online application. If you have any questions, Kindly ask in the comments box below.  


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